The ties that bind us.

The past couple of days, I’ve been in a rather peculiar mood. I’ve been feeling angry, and frustrated, which seemed to be directed towards anyone that I’ve ever had a ‘problem’ dealing with a personality or particular characteristic. It was weighing heavily on my heart, and making me feel particularly unsettled. Tonight, however, I was digging through my closet, and found my old favorite pair of boots, which are falling apart at the soles. Suddenly, my mind traveled back to last summer:

I’m in New York, walking along 38th street, when my boots, struggling to hold onto life after a half a year of good use, finally fall apart. I’d call it more than luck, when I look up across the street, and there sits a tiny shoe repair shop. I flop my way across the road, and ask the man who owns it if he can do anything about it. After struggling for a minute with a language barrier, I finally understand that he is telling me he can temporarily fix them with some small nails, but that I will have to glue them back in place. I asked how much it would cost, and he said no. He will fix the sole for free. Even as he finished nailing the fifth nail in place, and I offer him $5 as a tip, he refused.

I think the verse of “Guard your heart” can often be misinterpreted. But, from my knowledge, someone who stands guard, has the power to let things in and out as they choose.  I tend to be someone who expresses feelings in actions, rather than words. I read something earlier this week, that we often forget to derive satisfaction from the most ordinary experiences. So tonight, as I glue my shoes back together, once again, I let in the kindness of a stranger, and let out whatever else may have been on my mind when I started writing this post.

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finding a headshot

I’ve begun the difficult task of working on getting a headshot for a scholarship competiton I’m entering. It shouldn’t be super challenging, but I guess as both an amateur photographer and fashion designer, I want to capture something that really defines who I am. I think my favorite of these is the first, because of the lighting–I’m just not too crazy about the chaos of art supplies in the background. (;

Photo Rights Reserved to Coleen Conner. Do not use without permission.